Basics of Double Sided Tapes

Making your own cards and boxes is a genuine delight anyway when you initially start in the event that the right grip isn’t utilized it can pamper the completed item. This article gives a fundamental manual for twofold sided tapes.

The improvement of twofold sided cement tapes has opened up various ways of staying paper and card. There are such countless cement tapes available it is troublesome realize which is the best one to utilize. Despite the fact that it is private inclination what to utilize while utilizing tapes to make handcrafted cards there are a few tapes that are not proper for various mediums.

The following are the primary twofold sided self cement tapes accessible. New tapes are being brought to the market constantly.

1 Twofold sided tape.

2 Very tacky red liner tape

3 Tape pen


This tape is an unquestionable necessity in the double sided tape crafters tool compartment. It tends to be utilized for appending card to card or paper to card. The impediment of utilizing tape is once it is down it is stuck. To assist with giving some development utilize a paste stick to run along the tape prior to putting it to card.


A tape that satisfies the name as the title states it is red and can’t be mixed up. This will get the card when it contacts the card. It is best utilized for heavier obligation card or box making. This wouldn’t be suitable for paper to card. Red liner tape is great for overlaying chips and sparkle. Cut a strip put on your card and decorate with it gives a smidgen important to the card without burning through cash on reflect card.


These are a staple for the tool stash. There are three sorts of pen available, a typical twofold sided tape, a very tacky tape and one that can be repositioned. Ideal for appending paper to paper or paper to card. Some tape pens are additionally refillable. The pens will apportion the tape constantly as it is pulled along the thing.

These tapes are perfect for connecting level to a base card or matting and layering. One more significant piece of making a card is giving it an aspect to lift the primary picture.