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stainless steel shot
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conditioned steel cut wire shot
aluminum cut wire shot
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zinc cut wire shot
stainless steel cut wire shot
cast stainless steel shot
cast steel shot
Yongkang Yingyue Shot Blasting Material Co.,Ltd.
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Used for surface cleanning, derusting, deburring, surface treatment and descaling of all kinds surface of metal casting, ferrous metal parts, stamping parts, forging and heat treated parts and spring, all above can be implemented by shot blasting and surface improvement. It’s widely used in die casting factory, heat treated factory, electrical machinery factory, machine tool accessories company, power machinery company, automobile parts factory, motocycle accessories factory, non-ferrou metal casting factory etc.. It highlights the metal colour after processing of shot blasting. It also can be the preliminary process of blackening, blueing and purifying metal part surface, provide good result for electroplating and painting. After shot blasting treatment, it can reduce the parts’ tensile stress, refine the surface grain, strengthen surface, increase the durability.
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